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Web Site Privacy Policy of Le Mans Toyota - Tottenham


Lemans Toyota adheres to the Australian Privacy Act (1988) (Cth) which includes the 13 Privacy Principles included in the Australian Privacy Act. A copy of the Australian Privacy Principles is available from our office or from the Office of the Australian Privacy  Commissioner (

Here, we set out how Lemans Toyota (Tottenham and Deer Park) collects, uses and discloses customer information. This privacy policy applies to all of our dealerships. This includes, new and used  vehicle sales, ancillary services such as the service of vehicles, provision of financial services (TFS), insurances products (TFS/AIOI) as well as our   internal warranty underwriter Automotive Dealer Services (ADS).

Toyota is also bound by the Australian Privacy Principles, to protect your privacy in our ancillary services under credit privacy requirements. For information about how credit and finance information is used, see Toyota Finance Policy at and for information about the privacy policy of Toyota Insurance, please go to


Toyota collects information from customers that is required to deliver products and services to them. The kind of information collected will vary and depend on the product or service required. The personal information collected may include identifying information including name, address, telephone number, car registration, driver  licence,  warranty and service  information and any financial information required to assist with a loan or insurance.

There is also information collected for the purpose of compliance with lawful obligations  that are required or authorised under law.

Lemans Toyota usually collects information from customers directly, when customers complete applications, on-line surveys, marketing campaigns and product research. We may also collect information from customers or potential customers over the telephone, when they attend our show rooms or on-line or through participation in social media.

Lemans Toyota will not collect personal information about a customer unless they have consented or it is required or authorised by law.


Lemans Toyota uses customer information to provide services and products.

Lemans Toyota also uses information for a purpose that customers would reasonably expect  the information to be used, such as billing, delivery of products, or debt collection.

Lemans Toyota also uses personal information to comply with any requirements under law  such as registration of vehicles and administration of insurance claims with third parties.

Customers are not obliged to provide personal information to Lemans Toyota. However if a  customer refuses to provide information, we may not be able to assist with products or  services.

In the course of providing customers with products or services, we may collect personal information from someone other than a customer, including third parties, for example, as  part of a credit background check. In these circumstances, we will notify the customer as soon as practicable or take such other steps that are reasonable in the circumstances.


We may use personal information to promote our products and  services,  conduct  market  research  or provide customers with direct information about our products and services by email, SMS, MMS, bulk mail, social media and other direct marketing technologies. A customer's consent will have been obtained prior to using information in this way, unless a customer would reasonably expect us to use or disclose that information.

All customers have an opportunity to opt out of our direct marketing programs.

If a customer prefers not to receive any communications from us about our products and services, we will act on such a request as soon as a customer has advised us by email or telephone.


Lemans Toyota discloses information for the purpose for which it was collected. This includes the delivery of products and services to customers including Toyota Finance, Insurance, car registration (Vic Roads), Motor One.

Lemans Toyota will not disclose information without consent unless required or authorised by law. For example, information will be disclosed if it is requested under subpoena, or by entities such as the Australian Tax Office, the State Revenue Office.

Lemans Toyota may disclose customer's personal information to its parent companies located overseas (based in Japan - please identify). We will endeavour to obtain a customer's consent for this disclosure (where applicable), unless such disclosure is required or authorised under Australian law.

Store and Access to personal info


Lemans Toyota ensures that customer information is stored securely and is protected from misuse, interference and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Some information is electronically stored on our secure server. Some information is also retained in hard copy and is stored securely. Where informant is no longer needed, we take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify the information.


If a customer would like to access personal information held about them by Lemans Toyota, we will, upon request provide that information, unless under law we are required or authorised to refuse to give you access to that information.

If a customer would like access to personal information, our Customer Services Manager (identify a contact person).


If a customer obtains access to personal information and identifies any information that is out of date, the customer may request a correction. Lemans Toyota will take all reasonable  steps  to correct the  information to ensure  it is accurate,  up  to date, relevant and  not  misleading.

If a customer wants to make a complaint or discuss how information is collected, used or stored, they can contact:

Warren Tudor 03 9689 2944
Lemans Toyota Tottenham

OneToyota Network

Le Mans Toyota - Tottenham is part of the OneToyota network of Toyota organisations in Australia (each a OneToyota organisation), comprising:

  • authorised Toyota dealers in Australia;
  • Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited;
  • Toyota Finance Australia Limited;
  • Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Australia Pty Ltd trading as Toyota Insurance; and
  • Toyota Western Australia (comprising Prestige Motors Pty Ltd as trustee for the Prestige Toyota Unit Trust and Eastpoint Pty Ltd).

Le Mans Toyota - Tottenham and other OneToyota organisations collect and share with each other customer and guest information, including data collected from Connected Services, to provide you an integrated OneToyota guest experience, such as allowing you to be known across the network regardless of which OneToyota organisation you deal with and to provide you with products, services, information and assistance, respond to your enquiries and help keep your information up to date. Your information may be disclosed to OneToyota network service providers in Australia and overseas for these purposes.

For more information about how Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited and Toyota Finance Australia Limited handle your information, please see their combined Privacy Policy at The privacy policies of Toyota Insurance and Toyota Western Australia are each also available at that address.

OneToyota Marketing

OneToyota organisations may send you marketing to inform you about products or services, special offers, promotions and events that may be of interest to you. These marketing communications may include joint promotions with promotion partners, and may be sent to you using any contact details provided by you, such as post, phone, email or SMS.

Please note that each of the OneToyota organisations are separate organisations. If you do not wish to receive marketing from one organisation, you can let that organisation know at any time using the contact details in their privacy policy (available on their website or or using the “unsubscribe” or other opt-out function offered by the organisation.

Your consent to receive marketing from a OneToyota organisation will be deemed to be ongoing if you do not opt out when you are offered the opportunity to do so, or unless and until you advise the relevant organisation otherwise.